160x230 Nuray Rug Eko Hali
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  • 160x230 Nuray Rug | Eko Hali
  • 160x230 Nuray Rug | Eko Hali
  • 160x230 Nuray Rug | Eko Hali
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The origins of the rug are not only spread around the world, but date back centuries with traditions of tapestry and various other woven purposes, so it's no wonder that what we pad our floors with deserves some credit. Building on this storied history with a devotion to traditional craftsmanship and a contemporary vision, label Eko Hali creates carpets that add a rich layer to the home. An ode to the art of rug weaving, their latest collection is sure to please the eye with vivid colours, and satisfy the senses with rich textures that pay homage to the past.
Eko Hali
Designed in:
2.3 kg/m² Polyester
W: 160 cm L: 230 cm
7.4 kg
Estimated Delivery Date:
13.02.2018 - 20.02.2018
Shipping Area:
Germany and Austria
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