3 Bluetooth LED Candle Lights MiPow
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  • 3 Bluetooth LED Candle Lights | MiPow
  • 3 Bluetooth LED Candle Lights | MiPow
  • 3 Bluetooth LED Candle Lights | MiPow
  • 3 Bluetooth LED Candle Lights | MiPow
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Innovative lighting for inside or out: with the flameless, Bluetooth-controlled Playbulb LED Candle by tech experts MiPow, your living room, garden, or terrace can be bathed in light in a rainbow of colours. Controlled by a free app, the tone and effects can be altered to suit your mood, and the battery-powered lamp can be turned upside down and used as an atmospheric tealight holder. Like a conventional candle, the Playbulb can be blown out and also scented with lavender, green tea, or rose—special features to give your indoor or outdoor space some extraordinary brilliance.
Designed in:
ABS Plastic
Each - H: 8 cm Ø 9 cm
Each: 119 g.
Set of 3 Bluetooth-controlled LED lights for indoor or outdoor use. LED lifespan: 30,000 hours. Bluetooth range: up to 10 m. Guide and fragrances (lavender, rose, and green tea) included.
Technical information:
App controlled. 4.5 V (3x AA batteries). LED power: 30 mW/15-20 mA. For Bluetooth 4.0 and SMART devices. For iPhone 4S or later,(iOS7 or later) and Android 4.3 phones or later. LED colours: red, green, blue, and white.
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